An Interview With Essentialle

article by Jamie Tolentino

As the winter chill arrives, it’s time to whip out those moisturizing essentials. MyFavouriteSale interviews Karina, the founder of Essentialle. Essentialle is a luxury skincare line that offers high quality, organic and cruelty-free face oils. In this interview, we find out how Karina got into skincare and a little more about her brand…

What is a typical workday like for you?
That depends if my daughter is at nursery or not. If she is home I make a point of spending time with her, but I juggle urgent business matters as well. Actually she’s been attending business meetings with me since she was 6 months old. On the days my daughter is at nursery it’s all hands on deck. I try to schedule meetings, visits to the lab or the factory, important calls on those days. At this stage I still prefer to be very hands on with orders and customer enquiries to make sure we have high level of customer service. If I have any free time left, it will either be spent on a yoga session or a nice dinner with my husband.

How did you get into the skincare industry?
I had a number of influences that came together at a certain point in my life when I was looking for a change. Those influences being my experience in luxury retail, my interest in nutrition and clean leaving and memories of my childhood in Northern Russia. The idea came to me when I was heavily pregnant with my first child and while being on maternity I decided to put some time into researching how I could turn those ideas into a successful business.

Why did you set up Essentialle?
Why not? Most people think to start a business at some point in their life. It took me ages to gather the courage but I finally did it. I combined my passion for clean living and love for beautiful design to create a skincare collection that I would enjoy using.
How did you decide which products to launch first and why?
It took a long time to source the ingredients, formulate and manufacture the products. I am very particular about the efficacy, textures and aromas. The range of facial oils that we launched with, were the first products to be ready.

In 3 words, how would you describe Essentialle?
Pure, authentic, active. It happens to be our tag line.

What can we expect from you in the near future?
We will soon launch a toner and a mask with incredible and very surprising ingredients. We will be doing a number of interesting collaborations with other brands and also bloggers that align with our ethos. We are looking to launch in Asia and Europe early next year. Exciting times.