An Interview With SLLONDON

Welcome back to the Black History Month series on My Favourite Sale. This month, we welcome our final designer Sarah Samuels.

Sarah is the brain behind clothing line SLLONDON. In this interview, we find out how Sarah got into the fashion industry and a little more about her brand…

article by EBONI + IVORY

What is a typical workday like for you?

My day normally begins with answering emails. Sorting documents and checking in with manufacturers for updates/news.

Constantly researching ways to be better and do better, sending out orders and sometimes searching for models and preparing for photoshoots.

How did you get involved in the fashion industry?

I’ve always been interested in art from a young age which I say is like the sister of fashion. I’ve always been very particular in what I want and a lot of the time in terms of fashion I couldn’t find it. So I learnt how to sew so I could make what I wanted for myself and instantly fell in love. Everything progressed from there.

Interview SLLONDON

What is the most valuable lesson learned since you first began your own label?

I am a lot more able and capable than I ever could imagine. Especially the fact that I’m in this alone I’ve learnt to be my own graphic designer, photographer, pr, accountant etc.

Where do you find inspiration for your designs?

I would say I am my own inspiration. I would never create anything that I wouldn’t wear or something I didn’t love so majority of my line is things I’ve wanted for myself.

Interview SLLONDON

What makes SLLONDON garments unique?

For my Spring/Summer 17 collection every single item of clothing was just me, some fabric and my machine. I sewed them all meaning no two items would be alike making them unique SLLONDON garments.

If you could have a celebrity or famous person through history wearing your clothes, who would it be?

I would definitely have to be bad gal RiRi/ Rihanna. She could pull off anything, so I’d love to see her take on my items.

Interview SLLONDON

In three words, how would you describe SLLONDON’s style?

Comfortable, sexy & stylish

What can we expect to see from you in the near future?

Expanding the brand with loads of new pieces, including outerwear and few more surprises.

Interview SLLONDON

What advice would you give to young aspiring fashion designers?

If you have a dream, go for it! Make sure it’s something that you are 100% passionate about, that way you’ll stay motivated no matter what is thrown at you. It is not easy. You’ll have many days where you want to give up but you can’t. If you fail, you can at least say you tried and I’m sure you will learn so much. If you make it, even better!

Thank you to Sarah for allowing me to delve a little deeper into SLLONDON for this series. You can check out more from SLLONDON and Sarah here:

Instagram: @sllondon_

Twitter: @sllondon1_