Fashion That Gives Back

This post isn’t necessarily the most upbeat I’ve ever written but it does talk about issues that should be close to the heart of any fashion brand and all fashion consumers.  I’m sharing 3 companies that give back and chatting about why we should support them.



article by That New Dress

The older I’ve got the more I have realised the power of fashion.  The fashion industry is worth over $600 billion, so imagine the good it could do if just 1% of it was channelled into worthy causes.  As the world we live in becomes smaller and smaller, thanks the rise in global travel and the internet, we are becoming more switched on to the world’s injustices.  This is the time for the fashion industry to step up and play their part.

However, it’s not only the designers and brands who have a responsibility to give back but also, us, the consumer.  We should spend time educating ourselves and seeking out the brands that give back.


I’m sharing 3 amazing brands who all have a strong moral compass and an impressive ethical code.

Love 4 Grenfell

I don’t think there was one person who wasn’t left shocked and overwhelmed by the recent Grenfell tragedy.  As someone who lives in Notting Hill I was scarred by it both physically and emotionally.

The Love 4 Grenfell campaign sells t-shirts which have been worn by the likes of Rita Ora and Stormzy.  All the proceeds will be given directly to the residents of the Grenfell tower disaster for them to use as they see fit.


By buying one of these tees, not only are you supporting an incredible cause, but you’re also continuing to show your support, even when it’s fallen off the news cycle.  By wearing the word Grenfell emblazoned across your chest, you’re showing that it’s never forgotten.


Anabela Chan

If you’re looking for jewellery which will take your breath away then Anabela Chan is your lady!  No one does statement jewellery better than her.  She recently launched the Puppy Rings, a modern, fun and playful collection of puppy-inspired rings set with dazzling natural white and black diamonds and pink and blue sapphires.  They’re are not only incredibly cute but also 25% of all sales goes to the Wild at Heart Foundation.

The Wild at Heart Foundation is a British non-profit charity who funds and supports animal welfare products around the world.  In particular, the Foundation aims to reduce the world’s 600 million stray dog population, by organising and sponsoring rescue projects, neutering programmes, awareness campaigns and educational initiatives.


Fairtrade Cotton

Cotton picking has one of the largest enslaved workforces.  If you thought slavery was a thing of the past, you’re very much wrong.  There are more people in slavery today than when it was legal during the 19th century.  The International Labour Organisation estimates around 21 million people, including 5.5 million children, around the world are in slavery.

Fairtrade cotton was launched to put a spotlight on these cotton pickers who are left invisible and poor.  Through tools like the Fairtrade Minimum Price and additional Fairtrade Premiums they allow for a stronger, more democratic why to provide for these farmers.  Next time you’re thinking about where to buy your next t-shirt from, look out for the Fairtrade logo, and buy with confidence.


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