A Blogger’s Guide To Wearing Graphic Tee’s

Can you believe that this beaut heartbreaker tee was down to £12.99 in the Mango sale? Make sure you log into My Favourite Sale to keep up with all the latest bargains! You can get involved too. Next time you find a good steal don’t forget to post it on MFS. I just uploaded this t-shirt – it’s so easy. All you have to do is take a selfie or even a photo of it in the store, then voila! I love having a scroll through all the discounted items too, you really will come across some amazing finds.


article by Kumbear Xo

Ok so on to this tee! It got me feeling like a 90’s kid all over again. I love the white with the red writing. If you look closely at the embroidery, it has a metallically shine to it too – how cute! How can you ever go wrong with a graphic tee? There are so many different ways you can style it.

How to Wear

Over the weekend I styled this little tee with my distressed denim jeans and a chunky belt. But during office hours it would look great with some tailoring and a pair of cute pumps. Slogan t-shirts are an easy item to switch up.

There are lot’s of different ways to style them, little things like tucking it into your jeans or tying a knot at the bottom if it’s a warmer day. I also like to roll the sleeves up on mine too, just to edge it up a bit.

There’s a lot of different variations of styling a graphic t-shirt, here are a few ideas:

1. Tucked in

2. Over another tee

3. Tied in the middle

4. Under a pair of dungarees or a playsuit

5. Tied to one side

6. Roll the sleeves up

7. Oversized (buy a few sizes larger and wear it like a dress)

8. Under a casual shirt (with the buttons open)


In terms of accessories, styling a graphic tee can be a lot of fun. I like to accessorise with my oversized glasses or a pair of sunnies with big hair and a bold lip when I’m wearing something as simple as a t-shirt. This t-shirt is quite 90’s, so I paired it with a choker and for makeup, I went for a winged eyeliner look with some red lippy. But if you’re looking to style a tee that’s a little more contemporary, you can use accessories such as a watch, minimal bangles, a statement necklace or a cute bag to add that little bit extra.

Kumbear Xo