What to Wear to a Festival

Summer is upon finally us, which can only mean one thing, it’s festival season!  Festivals are more and more becoming fashion playgrounds, so I’m sharing 3 fab looks to inspire you.

article by That New Dress

Now that festival season is well and truly upon us, I thought I’d share a few of my favourite festival looks.  Personally, I go to festivals for the fashion.  Over the years it seems to have developed its own niche and I love it.  A dream of mine is to visit Coachella where the fashion just seems to be on another level and I hear people plan their outfits weeks in advance. 

Easy Breezy

As much as festivals have become a playground for fashionistas, sometimes you just want comfort first.  Festivals are quite often sticky and dusty places (or muddy if you’re in the UK) so feeling easy breezy and comfortable is a must.  Let’s be honest nothing screams comfort more than a pair of loose denim cutoffs.


I tend to buy my denim cutoffs at least one size up for two reasons.  Firstly, comfort!  The last thing you want is a pair of shorts riding up and cutting into you (ouch!).  Secondly, I find denim shorts are much more flattering when there’s room around your legs and they sit loosely on your hips.



Fringe Factor

Fringe is a pretty much a festival staple.  The perfect thing about it is as soon as you incorporate it into any outfit it screams summer fun and unshackles that free spirit within you!  I’m personally a huge fan of fringe and will happily wear it everywhere and anywhere but I know there are plenty of people who don’t feel the same way about it is as I do.  So dressing for a festival gives you the chance to unleash that inner wild child!  I went for this fringe belt as I love the layering look it gives. 


Ankle boots (or wellies) are my go to shoes for a festival and if they’re cowboy themed, well all the better!  Never ever wear sandals even if it’s hot, hot, hot because your feet will end up filthy and trampled on, leaving you with very sore toes!  Aside from those practical reasons, boots and dresses together is the best look ever!


Going Glam

This look is aimed at the girls who don’t do that “classic festival look” aka the whole hippy dippy, tie dye, flowers in your hair thing.  If black is your fail safe colour and you usually avoid the colours of the rainbow like the plague this is for you.  Just because you’re at a festival doesn’t mean you have to forgo your usual style and that includes dark colours.


I realise this is quite a bit more glamorous than the usual festival get up but festivals are more and more becoming fashion playgrounds and to go slightly against the grain will have you standing out for all the right reasons.  Sequins and glamour certainly have their place and they’re definitely festival appropriate.


If you’re at a festival late at night it WILL get cold and you’ll definitely need a jacket.  I always lean towards a leather one for two reasons.  Firstly they have a rock ‘n’ roll look to them and secondly, on a more practical level, if you get a drink split on you, which is inevitable at a festival, you can usually wipe them clean.  Obviously I wouldn’t recommend taking your very favourite one but in general they’re far more likely to survive the festivities than most other jackets!


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