Loco for Logos

The logo is back, thanks to several of the major fashion houses.  This post shares which brands are embracing it with full force and which are the must have pieces to get.

article by That New Dress

It’s almost as if we have woken back up in the 90s with all the logo mania that’s been going on recently.  After recent “recession fashion” where we chose to avoid outlandish labels and “it” bags in favour of understated quality, there has been a strong turn in the tide.  The likes of Gucci, Dior and Saint Laurent are all pioneering this trend.


The fashion house most noticeably flashing their logo about is Christian Dior.  Ever since their first female creative director, Maria Grazia Chiuri, took over the reins (who I am a huge fan of) we have seen the return of the word play “J’adior” and “Dio(R)evolution”.  It’s currently emblazoned on bags, shoes and t-shirts.

I’m personally a huge fan of her collections and the spice she brings to this fashion powerhouse.  She is adding her mark in the strongest and most empowering way possible.  The underlying theme that runs through her work is female empowerment, as reflected in the phrases she has adopted such as “We Must All Be Feminists” and “Dio(R)evoution”.  It’s a strong message coming from a woman who has broken boundaries herself within the fashion industry.


I couldn’t not mention the Saint Laurent Opyum pump which caused fashion hysteria the moment it hit the runway.  Using the YSL logo as a heel was not only pure genius but also an impressive feat of engineering.  However, good luck trying to find this shoe, even if were prepared to eye watering price tag!  Boutiques had waiting lists longer than my arm, online retailers went directly from “coming soon” to “sold out” and it didn’t even make it onto most shop floors.  Thus, proving that logo mania is here to stay.


The other brand who has been embracing the logo with full force is Gucci.  Their double G logo is in the midst of a renaissance, thanks to New York graffiti artist Trouble Andrew.  You can find it on bags, belts, shoes and ready to wear.  If the logo alone is too subtle for you, they’ve also done tees (which have been a total sell out) with Gucci written across it in gold or in their classic green and red at £550 a pop.

Love it or hate it this fashion trend is making its mark in loudest and most unapologetic way possible!

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