Power of a Two Piece

I have finally come around to the two piece and I’m chatting about all the reasons you need one in your wardrobe this Spring.

article by That New Dress


I cannot get enough of two pieces at the moment.  I know they’ve been around forever and that I am VERY late to the party but it turns out they’re perfect for Spring.  As we’re all more than aware, the weather can be rather temperamental around this time of year.  We can go from glorious sunshine to April showers at the drop of a hat, which can make deciding what to wear very tricky.




Recently, I’ve found the two piece to be the perfect solution.  You can layer them and wear them with boots, sandals or heels; they basically couldn’t be more versatile.  As this isn’t the time of year to be baring too much flesh, I layered a lightweight cotton shirt underneath the top and styled it with some ankle boots.  Although, I think it would also look great with some tie up gladiator sandals and a beaten up suede jacket thrown over your shoulders on warmer days.




Also, the great thing about a two piece is you get triple the wear.  You don’t have to always wear them as a pair.  You can wear the skirt alone or the top alone and really play around with styling it in different ways.

Happily, the two piece comes in a multitude of different styles to suit every price point.  This one is currently on sale for a bargain price (head over to the FashionFeed to find out how much it is)!




Finally, I just have to mention this amazing shirt which has pockets!  I’m a sucker for anything that has pockets but this is the first time I’ve had a shirt with them.  I think it’s the best idea ever and I’m pretty head over heels in love with it!




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