An Interview With EL MONÉT

EL MONÉT is a British fashion label showcasing the freshest cutting-edge designs in women’s fashion. Proving that we’re not just a pretty name, our focus is to empower women from all walks of life to walk tall and look amazing while they’re doing so! Chanel-Monét and Delissa, the brand’s Founders answer a few pertinent questions, before their trunk show with us on July 19th at 1Rebel in London.

article by Kumbear Xo

Fashion is: “an evolving thing so nothing is ever really out of fashion”

What is a typical workday like for you?

Chanel-Monét: I typically start the day attending to my emails with a cup of green tea and honey to hand. That then leads to drawing up documents. In our busier periods where we have photoshoots, garment sampling, manufacturing etc I am usually based in the city at our manufacturer’s studio or on location producing a shoot.

Delissa: A day at work for me can be and can consist of a variety of different things, being creative Director at EL MONÉT and being a business partner means there is always something to do. Some days it’s models make up and photo shoots and others it’s Chanel and myself sat together crunching numbers and trying to figure out our next move.

How did you get involved in the fashion industry?

Chanel-Monét: I have always been fashion orientated through influences from my mother and late grandmother. It took me a little while to realise my potential in this field. However, when I did, it was important to educate myself and throw myself into business workshops/programmes and evening fashion courses to increase my skill set.

Delissa: EL MONÉT for me I think was something that was ‘meant to happen’.I met Chanel thorough a mutual friend whilst I was fashion blogging for a student website, looking for a new direction. We clicked very quickly and understood that we both had the same passion although we were and still are very different people. We bonded quite quickly and set to work almost straight away and that’s how it’s been ever since.

What is the most valuable lesson learned since you first began your own label?

Chanel-Monét: It was very hard for me to delegate tasks to individuals that have worked with me over the years. I see EL MONÉT as my baby and it was difficult to let go. I learned that I cannot do it all myself and that I needed to give others a chance to help. 

Delissa: Take things one step at a time it’s so easy to get caught up in the fast pace or in people. Transparency is a big part of how we work and learned very quickly that it isn’t that way for everyone you will cross paths with. Having a business partner is amazing because you can actually sit down and discuss your feelings and come to some kind of consensus.

Where do you find inspiration for your designs?

Chanel-Monét: A lot of my inspiration comes from watching films set in the 20’s-60’s era. Fashion is an evolving thing so nothing is ever really out of fashion in my opinion.

Delissa: In all honesty Chanel is the brains behind that whole operation. We discuss her ideas, go through sketches for new designs  and I have been known to think up a few sketches of my own but in all honesty I leave this part to Chanel because this is what she does first and foremost and she is amazing at it.

What makes EL MONÉT garments unique?

Chanel-Monét:Everything is locally sourced and manufactured so I guess you could say EL MONÉT is “Made in Birmingham”. It is important for us to keep this the same even when we expand.

Delissa: EL MONÉT is unique because it puts a new spin on the old classics, we are not taking away the magic that makes the classic but adding what will make them modern at the same time.

In three words, how would you describe EL MONÉT style?

Chanel-Monét: Classical, luxe & feminine.

Delissa: Elegant new-classic feminine

What can we expect to see from you in the near future?

Chanel-Monét: First of all is, of course, the launch of our A/W collection entitled ‘Eve-Lynn’ which is a collection inspired and named after mine and Delissa’s late grandmothers.  We also want to give back, so we are getting involved in social ventures including partnering with selected charities to give back to women in need of our support. We also want to expand our successful Ladies Night event nationally so we can reach more of our customers and potential customers. Giving them a chance to interact with the EL MONÉT team, affiliates and of course shop!

Also, don’t forget to catch up with us at the London introduction event hosted by our new partners My Favourite Sale. And for the rest, you will have to wait and see!

Delissa: If all goes to plan you can expect a lot. We have always had big dreams for EL MONÉT and we are taking all the steps to make them happen. This year you can look forward to us launching our new autumn winter line and bringing EL MONÉT to new audiences around the country. All this alongside more of our EL MONÉT ladies nights with much much more to come.

What advice would you give to young aspiring fashion designers?

Chanel-Monét: You must believe in yourself and your talent! Constant self-doubt will not enable you to progress efficiently. Research and development are key, consider the following; what are you selling? Who are your customers? What is the most effective way to reach/interact with your customers? What makes your brand different to others? Where can you see your brand going? Is there anything you should know that you don’t already? If so find ways to correct that.

Perfect your craft, learn the business, surround yourself with like minded people and also individuals who have been where you are in hope that you can learn a thing or two.

No dream is too big but you must start off small. I believe that slow and steady wins the race.

When setting short, mid and long-term goals, give you reasonable time frames to achieve them.

Delissa: If you are passionate about what you do then stick with it. There is nothing like the satisfaction of working on something you love and seeing that dream become a reality, I know really cliche but honestly no matter how small the achievement if we have put our hearts in it, it’s worth it.

Fashion is a fast paced and highly populated market and we are under no illusions about that fact but we don’t let that stop us, purely because the passion we feel about what we do outweighs the risk.


Until next time, Kumbear Xo

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Photography by: @pellegriniecostache