How To Spring Up Your Wardrobe

Spring time is here, so it’s time to start re-organising your wardrobe. Spring cleaning for me is therapeutic. I love having a wardrobe that is clean, organised with everything exactly where I want it to be – I’m all about that minimal life (thanks Pinterest). Seriously, being organised makes getting dressed in the morning SO much easier!

Here are some of my fashion tips on transitioning your wardrobe so it is spring ready ☀️ 


article by Kumbear Xo

Create a Capsule Wardrobe

I always feel like I have too many clothes but literally nothing to wear and it’s the worst feeling. One way I try solve this is by sticking to a small collection of clothes and mixing my spring time staples with some on trend favourites. Investing in a few spring wear staples (think stripped tee, dungarees, camisole) is honestly going to make your life so much easier. I recommend reading The Every Girl’s step-by-step guide to buying a spring capsule wardrobe.

Layer Up

Don’t put away the chunky knits just yet.  You can use your jumpers or cardigans to layer clothes to keep you warm in the spring time. So if your wanting to wear that new spring dress, make sure you have a cute cardi on hold just incase it gets a little chilly! Also don’t forget about those April showers, they can strike at any time. Prime example – just after I shot these photos, it started to rain so having my leather red jacket on standby was ideal. My tip here is be prepared for a change in weather and always keep a spare brolly in your handbag for any unexpected rainfall!

spring wardrobe tips kumbear xo

Take Advantage of Winter Favourites

I loved wearing my over the knee boots in winter but they are perfect for spring time too! Pair them with a nice dress and a longline coat and it’s already a go-to look. Another winter essential that is suitable for the British spring time is tights! It’s never really ‘legs out’ kind of weather in Spring especially where I live in Scotland, so I always wear tights. But even if I do misjudge the weather and it ends up being super sunny then I can just take them off – Hooray!

spring wardrobe tips kumbear xo

Opt for Light Wash Denim

Light wash shirts, jeans or even a distressed denim jacket all look great in spring. I always wear my light-wash ripped jeans with trainers and sunnies for an easy-going look.

spring wardrobe tips kumbear xo

Accessorise Until Your Hearts Content 

Fedora hats, sunglasses, chokers and cute bags are all my favourite accessories for spring time. A backpack and trainers is just so simple yet it works perfectly too! My main tip is make sure you get your accessories right because it can make or break an outfit.

Play around with  bright colours (always my fav)

Having that pop of colour in an outfit can really give it that finished look. I love this cute bag I got from Primark with the little bumblebee detailing it goes great with my red nails and gingham shirt (also from Primark btw £5 in the sale – what a bargain!).

spring wardrobe tips kumbear xo

What’s your spring time fashion tips?

Kumbear Xo