Slow Fashion Vs. Fast Fashion

Fashion has been changing in front of our eyes due to the rise of fast fashion.  Love it or hate it, I’m discussing why there is still a place for both slow and fast fashion in our wardrobes.

article by That New Dress


The rise of fast fashion over the last decade has been exponential and in many ways has changed the face of fashion.  Within a matter of weeks, we can now find “dupes” of must have items on the high street and even the fashion shows are responding with “See Now, Buy Now” straight from the catwalk.  Fashion, like every other aspect of our lives, is becoming faster and much more responsive.




There are plenty of people who see fast fashion as a travesty.  Not only does it undermine luxury fashion houses and their craftsmanship/skills but they also see it as the root of throw away fashion.  It underpins this pit of consumerism where we want more and appreciate less.

Personally, I think there is room for fast and slow fashion in our wardrobes, you just need to know where to invest and where to save.  I thought I’d do a rundown of the wardrobe must-haves to splurge on and which wardrobe essentials to save on.






Leather jackets and trousers are my go to staple.  I wear them all year around.  A great quality leather jacket or pair of trousers should get better and better with wear and last you for years.  They’re the perfect example of splurge now and never have to spend again.  These are definitely a slow fashion purchase.


This is probably on of my slow fashion must haves which won’t apply to everyone.  I like to splurge on great quality shirts as they’re a wardrobe staple.  For me, nothing beats a crisp shirt.  If you know you’re going to get a load of wear out of it and you can afford to splurge I really recommend doing so.  Shur Ruitz from Fashion Crossover London or Equipment for silk shirts are my go to places.

If you don’t wear shirts that often or don’t want to splurge, H&M is the best place on the high street for affordable ones.


Sadly, we’re coming to the end of knitwear season but no matter the time of year it’s worth investing in and storing in your wardrobe till the cold weather comes around.  The truth is the high street simply cannot recreate beautiful quality knitwear.  Without a shadow of a doubt, the brand to buy from is I Love Mr Mittens or if you want to save a few pennies knit your own version from Wool and the Gang.






I generally find there are two distinct camps when it comes to buying simple tees.  Those that like to buy supposedly great quality ones which will wash well but cost the earth from the likes of Alexandar Wang and James Perse.  Alternatively, there are those, like me, that buy from the high street.  I really recommend H&M for plain tees.  They cost in the region of £4-£17 and they’re brilliant.  For the price of one James Perse tee, you can be ten H&M ones which will easily last 18months plus.


I’m a huge proponent of the ankle boot.  They’re a brilliant go to, as they can be paired with everything and anything.  They look great with jeans, dresses, shorts or leather trousers.  My best pairs have always come from ZARA, so this is great place to save some pennies.


The gilet is probably the most versatile piece I have in my wardrobe as it’s a great transitional piece.  The high street does a great job when it comes to the gilet, so I would always recommend shopping there before looking to buying a luxury one.




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