Modern Day Power Dressing

As it is International Woman’s Day I thought I’d share with you a few thoughts on the art of power dressing. Creating your own capsule work wear collection is essential for the modern day fashionista and creating that perfect on-duty, chic look. I love strong and structured silhouettes, so power dressing is definitely a style I aspire to recreate in my everyday outfits. My workwear wardrobe consists of mostly black & white, grey’s, navy’s with the occasional pop of colour.  The outfit I have on in these photos is literally what I wore to work that day as I love the idea of power dressing but with a modern day twist.

article by Kumbear Xo

Women leaders & renowned personalities around the world who understand the secret to power dressing realise the impact of how what they wear can influence how they are perceived as an individual. But I do believe that when people think of power dressing they think of political female figures such as Margaret Thatcher or Michelle Obama. But my views are entirely different as I think of fashionistas such as Olivia Palermo or Victoria Beckham who I feel modernise the idea of power dressing.

modern power dressing

Then again, power dressing isn’t just about looking chic and polished. It is about being able to really create that first impression of power and influence when you walk into a room. I do believe (as a woman who works in a male-dominated industry) power dressing shouldn’t have to be confined to being a reflection on how men dress at work i.e suits, blazers. I feel that modern day power dressing is all about having that touch of elegance. For example, in my outfit, I have used bold red lipstick to add a touch of feminity to the look.

modern power dressing

So in the spirit of International Women’s Day, I want to share my 3 top tips when building your work wear wardrobe.

First of all, invest in a good quality coat. An outfit-transforming coat or jacket really has the potential to give any ensemble that fierce ‘girl-boss’ attitude.

My next tip would be to be layer your outfit with accessories. In my outfit, I have on my intricate glasses with a tortoise frame, grey backpack and black leather strap watch which all work together to set the look. It’s also important to consider the styling of a outfit. For example, I have deliberately unbuttoned my top shirt button and left my shift hanging loosely at the bottom to give that relaxed feel.

My last tip is to walk tall and proud in your heels (they have to be comfy). Make sure everyone can hear you power walking across that room. In my old job I was always referred to ‘the woman on a mission’ because I was always storming about in my heeled boots with a latte in my right hand and tape measure in the other. Make those heels heard!






Kumbear Xo