Top picks for Valentine ready lips

article by Jamie Tolentino

The winter weather has this habit of behaving like an evil force that sucks up all the hydration and warmth out of our bodies, skin and pretty much everything that isn’t covered up. You can forget picking what lipstick or lipgloss to wear if your lips are dry, cracking or has cold sores, so here are our top picks to keep your lips in good shape pre-makeup.

Kiss Mix from Eve Lom £16


This product is extremely moisturising and will treat your dry and chapped lips. It’s quite thick and moisturising but with the current state of weather being almost freezing, you are going to want to use it on a daily basis. It has a little minty feeling though so if you’re not a fan of mint, do avoid.

Baume de Rose Lip Balm from By Terry £39


For those of you who want a luxurious rose scent instead of mint, this lip balm is the one for you. It is very moisturising and will stay on for a long time, but the downside is that it’s quite pricey for a lip balm. It might also be because this product also functions as a cuticle strengthening treatment so you can solve two problem areas with one product.

Liquorice Balm from Skin Shop £7.95


This balm is a little bit less intense on the hydration side than the above products but it does help prevent cold sores, so if you are suffering from cold sores due to the winter being a stressful period, the glycyrrhizic acid (GA) found in liquorice could reduce the regularity of outbreaks. GA specifically targets the genes that are required to maintain the virus in its latent state by interfering with the production of special proteins that feed the infected cells making the balm ideal for use during an outbreak as well. Daily use keeps the lips cold sore free and hydrated, and although made with real liquorice the smell isn’t as strong.