My Wardrobe Essential: The Gilet

In this post, I’m chatting about all the reasons having a warm and cosy gilet in your wardrobe is essential.  Whether it’s high street or high end, you’ll definitely be hitting your cost per wear.

article by That New Dress

The one piece of clothing I’ve kept coming back to time and time again over the last few months is my gilet.  I definitely think they’re a wardrobe essential a lot of people forget about, so I’m sharing the numerous reasons everyone needs this underestimated wardrobe staple.




Even though the weather has turned icy cold you should never sell short just how warm a gilet can keep you.  At the moment I love layering mine over my velvet bomber jacket to keep me toasty.  Although they also look fab worn over gorgeous knits or a tailored blazer.  When the spring rolls around I’ll be pairing it with shirts and fine knits.

Living in London (and I’m sure it’s the same in most cities) I spend my entire time pounding the streets, dipping in and out of shops and jumping on the tube, which means in the winter I’m constantly going from the freezing cold to warm and toasty.  Although wearing a huge coat is great for when you’re running around outside, the minute you’re back indoors you have to immediately throw it off and you’re stuck awkwardly carrying it while you peruse shops or wait to pick up your coffee.  I’ve learned the best way to dress for busy London days in winter is lots and lots of layers which is why a gilet is a must have.




I’ve managed to amass quite a collection ranging from very affordable high street options to more luxury pieces.  The great thing about a gilet is there’s one to suit all budgets.  It doesn’t matter what the price point is, it always manages to look chic.

If you’re still not persuaded by the gilet you can catch a very old post of mine over on my blog HERE featuring my very favourite one from Iris & Ink for more styling inspo.  Iris & Ink are one of my favourite brands and always bring out at least one gorgeous quality gilet each season which is definitely worth splurging on.  I HIGHLY recommend them!


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