New Year Celebrations – A Tale of Two Styles

article by That New Dress

New Year is always a bit of a controversial one.  I generally hear two very distinct views about the night.  Either it’s their favourite time to party it up and ring in the new year in style.  Alternatively, I hear a lot about it being overrated with bars being ridiculously crowded and too overpriced.  Whether you are slumming it at home or raving it up at a party, these are my two favourite New Year outfit suggestions.

This year I will be having a quiet one and will be seeing the New Year in in my OnePiece onesie.  Laugh if you want, but I’m definitely of the opinion onesies are adult appropriate on cosy evenings in.  I know it’s effectively a giant baby grown but it’s cosy, comfy and the whole silliness of it makes me giddy with glee!




I’ve had many onesies over the years but my all time favourite is this grey one from OnePiece.  In terms of quality it’s above and beyond any others, the thickness and softness of the fabric is incredible  Yes, they’re that little bit pricier than the high street versions but the cosiness factor is incomparable.  Plus they wash really well, so you always feel like you’re climbing into a brand new onesie every time you put it on.  If you’ve been thinking about treating yourself to one, this is the time to do it, so that way you can have the snuggly New Year too!  Trust me, you’ll be so pleased you got it!




If I was headed out for New Year celebrations I would probably be wearing this Alice & Olivia dress which has to be my favourite dress I bought all year.  It’s elegant, pretty and just the right level of dressy-ness.  If you’re very eagle-eyed you might recognise it from the SalesFeed, as it recently came into stock on The Outnet with 50% off.   If I was you, I wouldn’t delay and pick up this dress while it’s still in stock, as believe me this one is a keeper!




If you don’t know the brand Alice & Olivia, it’s a New York-based contemporary ready to wear and accessories label.  It is on the pricey side which is why I recommend bagging this dress in the sale but believe me when I say, the quality is second to none.  Alice & Olivia is the perfect example of you get what you pay for.  Whenever I wear anything from them I always feel the cut and fabric are perfectly tailored.  It just seems to enhance and flatter all the right areas!




Whatever your plans are for New Year, I hope you have a wonderful evening and see 2017 in surrounded by friends, family and love! Happy New Year everyone!