What Makes a Good Fashion Investment?

In the words of Carrie Bradshaw, “I like my money right where I can see it… hanging in my closet”.  Great fashion buys are often an investment, so this post is all about how to spot a worthy addition to your wardrobe which offers value for money and always makes you feel fabulous!

article by That New Dress

There is nothing worse than spending a heap of money on something that has the fashion longevity of a fruit fly.   Whether it be that “it handbag” or ridiculous pair of shoes you just can’t walk in, we’ve all regretted splurging on something at some point.

As someone who likes to invest my money where I can see it i.e. in my closet, I’ve had my fair share of terrible buys, as well as the odd great one!  I thought I’d share a few lessons I’ve learned along the way which will hopefully help prevent you from making any disappointing purchases.  Before you splash out on anything, it’s worth considering the following:




Head over heels love

Everyone always shouts about investing in classic pieces and although I definitely agree with this, I also think too many people tend to discount “it” items as something they won’ t get sufficient wear out of.  I strongly believe you shouldn’t pick something purely on whether they’re a “classic” or not.  The number one factor should be how head over heels in love you are with it because the more you love it, the more you will wear it.

Think about cost per wear.  With luxury items, I tend to use the calculation £10 per wear.  Even if something is seasonal but you plan on wearing it a lot over the next 6 months to a year you might be able to justify it.




Buying Preloved

If you’re prepared to wait, never underestimate buying preloved or second hand.  I know there’s something appealing about owning it from brand new but there are some great steals out there if you’re prepared to hunt around and be patient.

These are just a few of my favourite dress agencies:

Deuxieme – I have to be honest, this is one I’m reluctant to share as Deuxieme is one of London’s best dress agencies for finding high-end pieces at VERY purse friendly prices.  I got these Gucci clogs from there which were unworn and current season for less than half of RRP!




Sign of the Times – This a little pricer than Deuxieme but the stock selection is second to none.  Think Hermes, Balmain and plenty of Chanel.

Designer Exchange – If you’re looking for a handbag, Designer Exchange should be your first port of call.  You can also sell or swap your old bags with them too.

Decades Inc. – If you are LA based or headed there for a holiday, stop by this store in West Hollywood.  It’s like a museum of incredible pre-owned and vintage designer fashion.  Prices are high but if you’re eagle eyed you can spot the odd bargain.




Look after your items

Keep your items looking as immaculate as possible.  This is something I’ve been guilty of not doing, I have the worst habit of throwing my bags and shoes all over the place!

Be one of those people who asks for a chair for their handbag in restaurants and bars!  By looking after your items you’re increasing the resale value enormously.  It’s amazing just how much some luxury bags hold their value, particularly the likes of Chanel, Hermes and in some cases, Louis Vuitton.

The other thing to do is keep your receipts.  This is hugely helpful in proving authenticity and offers reassurance to potential buyers.