What To Wear On Christmas Day

With Christmas a few days away I’ve been thinking about what to wear on Christmas day. A lot of people like to wear a Christmas jumper or something ‘Christmassy’.

article by This Is Teral

Me however, I have my own Christmas tradition. Since the age of 16, I’ve always bought something a little special to wear on that particular day, but also something that I can wear for the rest of the year, and it turns out that I still have a few of the dresses and still wear them to this day.


I tend to choose something from the monochrome/ neutral palette (apart from 2012 when I went for a mustard dress, and I sure do regret that purchase) as I find you can wear it for years to come and as it’s not too festive, you can wear it to brunch the following week, or even dress it up for a nice restaurant.


This year, I decided to go for a jumper dress. Growing up I have always loved wearing dresses so I find them the most comfortable, and to be honest, with the amount of food I am planning on eating, I need something that won’t restrict me.


Jumper dresses are all the rage this year, although they have been around for quite sometime. They are so elegant, sexy and sophisticated at the same time. And if you choose wisely, they can also keep you super warm.


I’ve teamed my jumper dress with some over the knee boots, because it’s the easiest way to get away with going bare legged in winter, without worrying about getting cold. And, you can go all out and wear the most Christmassy socks and no one will know!


I was surprisingly warm in this outfit, but on colder days, I plan on wearing this either with a biker leather jacket or a faux fur coat for a more glam look.