Slaying That Winter Party Look

The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer, November is drawing to a close and that my fashionistas can only mean one thing…Yes you have guessed it, the Christmas party season is about to quick off and all those those balls, work dinners, club nights and Christmas Eve parties that seemed like distant dreams on the horizon just a few weeks ago, are now turning into all too real life changing outfits choices.

article by My Girls On Tour

Get the Christmas party look right and you might just become the star of your office, the social butterfly that you always knew you could be…but get it wrong and you might start wishing you could trade places with Ebenezer Scrooge’s ghost of Christmas future. The Christmas party challenge is upon us and the fashion stakes have never been this high.


So how to rock those winter parties? Well, having scoured the shops (both online and in person), I have found a number of cool party trends that I think look amazing and which would be perfect for looking fab at your upcoming winter or Christmas parties. The first is the metallic trend, which is literally everywhere and which looks so festive whilst also looking pretty rocking at the same time. I love the different array of colours that you can get, especially the silver, gold dark green and crimson for this time of year and I just think that one or two eye catching metallic pieces in an outfit can really make a huge difference. In this outfit I am wearing a pair of gold metallic shoes that I got in the Black Friday Sales and which I just thought would go so so well with so many looks and so many colours.


Another trend that I am loving at the moment is the use of sequins both for small details, such as on Christmas jumpers but also more liberally embellished tops and dresses. I have seen some lovely rose gold sequin embellished tops, and some very lovely high neck silver sequin long sleeve tops, all of which would add a very bold, festive, yet classy touch any outfit. In my chic Christmas party look I wanted to share with you a beautiful gold, black and green sequin dress that I got in the sale and which I thought would be perfect for my upcoming Christmas parties. I really love the way that it shines and glistens and I especially love how it is completely covered in sequins.



For me this year I have found that gold has been the perfect way to transition from the yellow ochre, reds and browns of Autumn into a richer, more opulent, festive wintery colour. It is in some ways the cousin of black and I really thing that as long as you choose the right shades, you can mix and match gold pieces together to create a beautiful chic Christmas winter party look.

So I hope that you like my chic winter party look and don’t forget to head over to my blog to see my alternative SALE smart/casual winter party look.

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