Interview with Henrica Langh

Henrica Langh is a Fashion Designer who brings a totally different perspective to the clothes we wear and why we wear them.

Hello everyone, I am Lasharna from LKSBOFFICIAL I am glad to be able to share Henrica’s insights with you today on my first post, guest-blogging for My Favourite Sale.


What is the story behind your brand? How did it happen? What is it about?
The brand was born from a combination of love for art, design and dress, a need to express creativity, and a desire to create fashion with emotion and respect. Rather than being a brand based solely on a concept, an image, or a product, it is a brand
based on heart, thoughts, and emotions. Creativity is as important to me as eating and sleeping; without it I feel like I don’t exist. The artistic processes within my brand are a way to deal with existence in a world that is tough and tragic as well as incredibly beautiful while offering fashion that is kinder to the environment. The ready-to-wear collections are created for people who value individuality and quality but also care how their clothes were made. It’s sustainable fashion with a bit of an edge.

Have you always wanted to be a fashion designer?
In a way, yes. When I was 13-15 I did dream of becoming a fashion designer and spent a lot of time browsing fashion magazines and designing different collections on paper. My absolute favourite designer was at first Jean Paul Gaultier and then later Alexander Mc Queen. There was, however, a brief period when I was more interested in photography before I started studying
fashion design and realised that design was what I wanted to focus on.


What is a typical day of work like for you as a fashion designer?
I usually have at least one to-do list and very often I start the day by making notes of things I need to do. To-do lists create a structured calm in the middle of all the chaos. I am currently spending most of my time focusing on branding and marketing my ready-to-wear collection. My work tasks can vary a lot and include everything from computer work to creating toiles and
organising photoshoots. Sometimes I do wish I had a bit more time to focus on new projects and designs. The good thing is that creativity can be applied to most things so my work rarely feels terribly boring.

Where would you like to see your brand in 5 years time?
The first five years are notoriously difficult for most small businesses so for the next few years I am hoping that I have succeeded in growing my company enough to confidently move forward. I hope to make a positive impact on some of the fashion world with good design, ethical production, and emotion. The objective is to constantly improve the business model and the products to create a brand that is good and not just a bit better.

What is your favourite piece from your latest collection and why?
I always have a love/hate relationship with everything I create which makes it difficult to pick any favourites. I have a few personal favourites from the ‘Memento Mori /Agliophobia rtw’ collection, including the ‘Night Red Peplum Skirt’ because it has such a flattering film noir kind of look to it, the trench coat, and the ‘Terribly Beautiful’ tee because of the creative process
behind the print and its poetic mood.


How do you want people to feel when they see and wear your clothes? What do you want them to think?
I want people to add their personality, and individual experiences and thoughts to my designs and create little personal love stories with the pieces. I hope people take a moment to appreciate how amazing a piece of clothing really can be. In a world where the things we wear mainly are dictated by fast fashions we should take extra care to appreciate the value of our clothes.

When you think about the stories linked to a piece of clothing, the work that goes into it, and the way it can make you feel, it definitely is quite an amazing thing. As our second skin, clothing should complement our bodies and personality and make us feel good both physically and mentally. All fabrics in the ready-to-wear items are carefully selected to feel good against the skin and are free from toxic chemicals.

Why do you like to combine fashion and art in such a way for your collections?
I find dress and fashion to be great for artistic expression since they are always linked to the body and the self. Combining design with artistic expression is a type of creative process that works best for me. This process also gives my collections emotion and stories beyond just a visual theme. As an example, the Memento Mori tops were inspired by a series of corsets that were buried in the ground. Like the corsets, the jersey tops symbolise our fragile inside and the hand-stained pattern on the tops was inspired by the stains that developed during the time the corsets were buried.



How do you keep yourself inspired and motivated when thinking up new ideas/concepts for your brand?
The strangest things and moments can inspire. It can be the tiniest detail, a feeling, a colour, or the way something seems different from what it is. I try to collect these inspirations so that I can use them when I need a little creativity boost or seize the moment when inspiration hits like a wave. Switching between different work tasks and taking proper breaks are great ways to make sure inspiration isn’t lost. Personally, I lose inspiration very quickly if I don’t have a clear head. This means that all the clichés of enough sleep, exercise, and a good diet are very important to me. Music and seeing other people express their creativity and passion are also essential for staying inspired.


What tips would you give to someone wanting to start up their own fashion brand?
As with any business, think it through, again, and again, because when you think you have everything thought out you’re probably not even close. Do your research and gain as much knowledge as you can, whether it is by working for someone in the industry or taking online courses and reading books.
When it comes to a fashion brand, I don’t think it should exist simply because you think it’s fun to design clothes or accessories. When creating something and especially when manufacturing products, you are also responsible for the trace you leave behind. If you want to start a fashion brand, ask yourself if you have something unique to give and if you can contribute in a positive
way rather than adding to the weight of the world. Also, make sure it’s your idea and not ‘inspired’ too much by someone else’s concept.

Do you have a motto that you stand by?
I don’t think I have ever found a motto that would sum things up perfectly in just a few words, however, there are certain ideals I subscribe to but I think they change a little depending on the day and how I feel. Taking time to appreciate the moments you have and respecting yourself and the world around you are things I think are very good to live by.