Stylish Workwear That Works

It can be difficult to get excited about office wear.  Conforming to a dress code can feel very restrictive and suppressive, especially if you use fashion as a way to express your personality.  I’m sharing 3 separate looks, in a bid to wage war on boring workwear!

article by That New Dress

Workwear is one of those styles of dressing which seems pretty unexciting and dull but weirdly it’s one of my favourite to style.  I love the challenge of working between the parameters of office rules but still managing to add your own twist and maintaining a “fashion led” look rather than a “boring led” one!

I’ve pulled together 3 distinct office looks which I’ve loosely categorised into formal, creative and dressed down but you’ll probably find they’ll work across numerous scenarios.

Formal Office

For those city workers that are required to wear shirts, tailored trousers and heels, I can totally sympathise with the daily struggle to add your stamp to your look.  The best way to underscore your personality is through subtle details and bold accessories.

Stylish WorkwearStylish Workwear

In this outfit, I went for low-slung grey wool trousers to give a much younger and fresher vibe.  This fit feels much more in keeping with a young professional than boring ol’ office worker!

Stylish WorkwearStylish WorkwearStylish Workwear

Add elements of your favourite colour.  I’m a pink girl, so my shirt has pretty pink details and I’ve echoed it in my shoes.  Speaking of shoes, I made an effort to make a real statement with these sculptural heels.  Don’t be afraid to go for a bold heel.  Readers of my blog, That New Dress, will know I’m rather partial to a statement shoe!  Never underestimate how stylish a shoe with a bright pop of colour or fun embellishments can look.  If you’re on the hunt for something a bit bolder try ASOS, Sophia Webster or Chiara Ferragni.

Stylish Workwear

Creative Office

I’ve always worked in the creative industry so I tend to have a free reign on what I can wear and I try to wear clothes which reflect my personality.  This look is definitely one of my favourites for the office, as it has a lot of movement and interest to it.

Stylish Workwear

I’m an all out flats girl, so anytime I can avoid wearing heels I will.  I’m particularly a proponent of the pointed flat.  I think it looks elegant, goes with everything and most importantly is comfortable.  Talk about a triple threat!  As with the more formal look, have fun with your shoes and let them shine!

Stylish WorkwearStylish Workwear

Workwear, no matter if you work in a more formal or relaxed office, should always be something you invest a little more money in.  Cut and tailoring is so important and you can really tell the difference between a high-quality piece and something from the high street.  Quality doesn’t necessarily mean expensive if you’re looking in the right places.  The Outnet is a great place to look, especially during one of their clearance sales.  I often pick up incredible trousers and shirts for around £40-£60.  Also, the Selfridges sale often has some great bargains.

Stylish Workwear

Dress Down Friday

A part of me wonders if “dress down Friday” is actually an urban myth as I don’t know a single office who actively follows the principle.  For me, dressing down is all about a fab pair of kicks and anytime I get to wear trainers to the office I know it’s going to be a good day!

Stylish WorkwearStylish Workwear

Just because you’re wearing your trusty trainers doesn’t mean you have to look sloppy.  There are so many great ways to incorporate comfy kicks into your workwear without losing that smart edge.  Keep your look to a single muted palette, such as all black or all navy.  I always think the key is to make the rest of your outfit so elegant and smart that whatever shoes you’re wearing it doesn’t detract from the rest of your look.

Stylish WorkwearStylish Workwear

Also, use statement accessories to draw the eye towards those rather than your feet.  By adding a fun bag, an oversized belt and statement necklace the last thing you notice is my Nikes.  Other considerations include the colour of your kicks, are they a sophisticated tone and do they go with the outfit as a whole?  Styles to go for are the Nike Blazer (worn here) or Adidas Stan Smiths.  Both are classic and have a way of looking tailored and completing an outfit, rather than jarring with it.

Stylish Workwear

I hope this was helpful and left you feeling inspired to spruce up your workwear wardrobe but if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me or any of the My Favourite Sale team!