Sportswear Tips: Two Ways to Wear Fila

With National Fitness Day having passed, I thought it was only fitting to embrace the incredible apparel that sportswear brands continue to produce, particularly Fila.

article by KlosetKel

Fila’s Fall/Winter 2016 – 80’s inspired vintage collection reveals a pretty much perfect collection of staple sportswear pieces, maintaining the brands signature hues and reintroducing the classics. A range consisting of: colour blocked dresses, turtlenecks, accentuated logo tee’s and sweatshirts, taking me back to an era I never lived.


As well as appreciating their vintage, “my dad used to wear Fila”, throwback trend, I’d like to share with all My Favourite Sale readers, two different styles that can be worn with a simple colour block Fila dress.

A style that is getting major play from me this season.


The ‘Running Some Errands’ look.


The classic baseball cap is one of many trends that seems to reoccur every year and I won’t lie, I love it! Why not combine an element of masculinity to your downtown, ‘running some errands’ look by pairing a baseball cap with a colour block dress, creating a truly playful, tomboy outfit. Whether it’s branded, leather or camo print, throwing on a cap means you don’t have to worry much about your hair, as it contributes to a quick style that screams street all over!

And not only that, various style hats can add extra sophistication to any outfit, for instance, fedora hats can elevate a sense of elegance that a casual cap doesn’t offer!


KICKS (Sneaker freaks, this one is for you!)

‘Comfortable’ would be the first word that comes to mind when expressing my love for a good pair of kicks (trainers). Along with the thought of a wide variety of stunning colourways, a stylish pair of kicks can create an effortless finish. Whether it’s River Island slip-on pumps (pictured above), High Top Sneakers, Fenty by Rihanna Creepers or the Classic Converse, you can quite literally, run your errand, with swagger.



The ‘Dressed Up’ look.


Sticking with the subject of footwear, heels can ultimately upgrade your look from, ‘hangin’ on the playing field’ to a much fancier occasion. The simplicity of strap heels makes it an innocent option for a style like this, though if you’re more daring: lace ups, Perspex heels or even thigh high boots can increase the slay.

And to all those who can sport a casual, laid-back dress with a pair of killer heels, you win at life!

Where’s the clapping emoji when you need it?



Choosing the right accessories can really enhance a dull outfit, particularly if you want to dress up your look. Chic jewellery is great for adding accents and winning compliments, and best of all, they don’t need to be expensive. This sensual knot tied lace choker does absolute justice to the boldness of the Fila logo. Drawing attention to the neck and highlighting the zip detailing of the dress.

Bags are also another great addition to any outfit. If you want to pull off a back-to-school style, backpacks can serve purpose! From the luxurious MCM studded backpack to a beautifully, much more affordable New Look rucksack, either choice will accomplish that vibe. Or if your aim is to piece together a flawless ‘Dressed Up’ attire, including a fancy statement clutch will do just that!


If you’d like to purchase these Fila exclusive pieces, ASOS or Urban Outfitters is the place to go (sales galore btw)!

Though, if you’re more of a PUMA fan, head over to to see some of my purchases.

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