Confessions of a Salesaholic: Tips & Tricks

article by That New Dress

My name is Dominique (from the blog That New Dress) and I am a Sales-aholic.

Discovering My Favourite Sale has been both a blessing and a curse.  This is such an amazing platform for discovering irresistible bargains but I’m sure it’s going to get me spending! The sale period has always been my favourite time of the year and I often keep a separate mini savings pot in preparation for the ample shopping which will inevitably commence.



My obsessive sale shopping has made me quite the connoisseur, so I thought I’d share my 10 top tips and tricks:

1)        Firstly, sales shopping is smart, you are technically saving money, not spending it.  This is more of a fact than a tip!

2)        Make sure you keep an eye on the MFS calendar as staying on top of when sales begin is essential for finding those holy grail purchases.

3)        Sale shopping doesn’t have to be exclusively done during the annual mid-summer or post Christmas sales.  There are some amazing shopping sites where you can pick up a bargain all year round.

The Outnet | Yoox | Matches Fashion (have a permanent sales page) | Cocosa | Secret Sales | Brand Alley

4)        Keep an eye out for additional or ad hoc promotions.  I know it is a pain receiving an inbox full of emails but it’s definitely worth signing up to the mailing lists of brands you love.   Also, following any social media is a great way of hearing all the latest going ons, for example I heard about the Sophia Webster sample sale through their Snapchat.




5)        Buy quality not quantity.  The sales are the time to splurge on that piece you’ve been lusting after all year.  With big designer brands, even a 20-30% discount makes a real difference.  This is the time to treat yourself!

6)        Buy premium denim on sale.  It’s mostly timeless, so there is absolutely no point paying full price for it.

7)        Be aware of the refund/exchange policy.  Make sure that you have the option to return or swap, you never know how you might feel about something once you get home.

8)        If you are shopping online, make sure you use cashback websites.  I tend to use TopCashback and often get money back, even on sale items.




9)        Have a hit list of pieces you’ve been eyeing up throughout the year.  I make a physical list of things I love but can’t justify buying at the full retail price.  Once sale season rolls around I can check them off my list one by one to see if they’re on sale and whether I’m still lusting after them.  If you’re still loving it several months later then you can be absolutely sure this isn’t an impulse purchase.

10)     Shop alone! Friends tend to encourage stupid purchases plus if you’re with friends or children you’ll lose focus and potentially miss out on the best deals!