My Favourite Sale Launch Party!

On Saturday the 16th of July, our launch party was a success, from months of planning to finally the day arriving! It was great to see so many fashion bloggers come to the launch, who follow our journey through Twitter and who also love to know about a good sale!

article by Beth

Home House was the venue and we arrived to see it beautifully laid out. Home House is just between Marble Arch and Bond Street, so a great destination for shopping too and just so happened that the sun was shining! It was so lovely to greet these fashion and lifestyle bloggers as they came through the doors.

IMG_8318 (4212 x 2808)

As soon as the guests arrived, the first thing they saw was our giant ‘My Favourite Sale’ banner, so they knew they were in the right place! The whole ground floor was reserved for us, with guests initially taken into a room where the House Bar was. This bronzed, metallic bar was open for the guests the entire time so they could grab a drink to sip and enjoy.

IMG_8550 (1853 x 1236)

In time, guests were escorted into the House Lounge where afternoon tea was laid out. A presentation was given about where the business is now and where it would like to be in the future.  This included going through the new Fashionblog and Sales Calendar sections. When the presentation was given, everybody tucked into the yummy and delicious afternoon tea that was given; finger sandwiches, scones, cakes, sushi and more!

It was exciting to see everybody mingling and chatting about a shared interest they all have and it was interesting to see how well they received ‘My Favourite Sale’. As well as taking photographs in the social media photo frame to remember the event and great to see how many Tweets were posted.


To end the day, a goody bag was provided to each blogger that attended with a ‘MFS’ tote bag, a tasty cake and a leaflet explaining My Favourite Sale.

Thank you everyone for coming along! xx

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